- Share AR Data Easily with Just a Link

Create and share your AR links easily with your sales network
  • Personalize your links by adding your own logo
  • Create and customize your own Call to Action button below the product
  • File Safety is our priority with cloud based storage

Staring is possible with just €2.58 per month.

Host your first model for one year free with us!

3D Modeling Services are available upon request


Markus Koelmann, CEO of Mako-Technics and AR-4U

AROSI Coins - for paying in AR-4U

  • AROSI Coins are Digital Tokens for usage in AR-4U.
  • Each coin costs only € 1,29
  • AROSI Coins can be used to perform various tasks like uploading a 3D model, hosting a 3D model, repositioning a model, reducing size of a model etc. inside the AR Panel.

Your monthly costs are totally dependent on your usage and the number of tasks you perform in our AR-4U Platform

Usage of AROSI Coins

AR Links (per model)

2 AROSI/month

100 clicks/views of your Models


Calculate Your Monthly Costs

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Edit Model Details

  • Edit product details like name, thumbnail, description and others on top of "Edit Model" section.
  • Personalization of your CTA button including text, icon, color and URL is possible at bottom of same area.

Share AR-4U Links

  • Share AR-4U models with just a couple of clicks.
  • Confirm Agreement and add Email of person to share with.
  • Finally click the Share button.

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