AR-4U brings 3D models to your partners!
Shop sales increase by 20%

Create and share your AR links easily with your sales network
  • Easily share your 3D models as AR links with your sales network.
  • The 'ACTION' button in the 3D view of AR-4U takes users directly to the target page in your retailer's shop.
  • The security of your files is our top priority with cloud-based storage.

It is possible to get started with just €2.58 per month

Host your first model with us for free for a year!

Help with 3D modeling available upon request from AR-4U

Photo Markus Koelmann

Markus Koelmann, CEO of Mako-Technics and AR-4U

AROSI Coins - for paying in AR-4U

  • AROSI Coins are digital credits with AR-4U.
  • Each AROSI costs €1.29 (net)
  • AROSI Coins are used for regular payment of all costs related to hosting and click usage. It can also be used to carry out special tasks, such as: This will pay for repositioning a model or reducing the size of a model in the AR-4U panel.

Your costs will be billed exactly as per CLICK. You can e.g. have a model where 100 clicks are only reached after 75 days. Then the recalculation of 1 AROSI (€1.29) will only take place after 75 days.

Usage of AROSI Coins

AR Links (per model)

2 AROSI/month

100 clicks/views of your Models


Calculate Your Monthly Costs

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Edit Model Details

  • Edit product details like name, thumbnail, description and others in the Edit Model section at the top.
  • Personalize your AR-4U button text, icon, color, and destination URL at the bottom of the "Edit" section.

Share AR-4U Links

  • Share AR-4U models with just a couple of clicks.
  • Confirm Agreement and add Email of person to share with.
  • Finally click the Share button.

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