Augmented Reality in E-commerce: More Success through AR

Augmented Reality in E-Commerce enables your customers to virtually project your products into their own environment. In this way, interested customers can, for example, bring a chair directly into their own living space and adapt the size, color and design to the local conditions. Only trying it out is not yet possible.
The AR data viewer from Mako-Technics enables exactly this view on standard smartphones or tablets. Further, special technology is not necessary for the user for Augmented Reality in E-commerce store.



Our viewer also allows you to view multiple articles at the same time. For example, a table can be viewed with the matching chairs on your own terrace. If desired, all items are then available directly in the shopping cart for settlement.

The Mako GmbH team provides links for this new type of product data, which are hosted on German servers. The integration into your shop takes place with links in the data field of your shop system. The advantage for you: Your shop will keep its original speed! Benefit from SEO advantages and easy integration without specialists.

All you need are 3D models of your products for Augmented Reality in E-commerce store. Are these already available? Then we can get started right away! If these do not yet exist: We will be happy to help you here as well.

The Advantages of Augmented Reality in E-commerce at a glance

AR Product view

Customer Experience

Let your customers experience your products. Whether in the garden, the living room or in nature! Your customers can project your products directly into their own environment - in original size, original colors and with all high-quality details.

Multiple Items

Viewing multiple products at the same time is not a problem with Augmented Reality in E-commerce.

Simple Integration

Hosting takes place on the servers of Mako GmbH: Simple integration without a great deal of expert knowledge.

SEO Advantages

Benefit from SEO and competitive advantages without running the risk of reducing the performance of your own shop!

Augmented Reality in E-commerce: Optimized AR Data to Ensure Short Loading Times


In many cases, 3D data is very large and would result in long loading times. Especially when several articles are to be displayed at the same time. Our experts optimize this data in terms of quality and file size until it is perfectly suited for use in the AR area.

Furthermore, 3D scanners reach their limits when, for example, glass or black parts have to be scanned. In this case, our team will help you model these items. We will then show you how the scan still works and create the rest of the model with our possibilities in 3D software.

Don't have a suitable scanner yet? Here, too, our experts will be happy to advise you. On request, we can also provide training and instruction on the respective devices.

Augmented Reality in E-commerce: Here is an example of AR Data:

Augmented Reality in E-commerce: Your Benefits in a Nutshell

Optimized Data

We offer you AR datasets optimized for quality and file size.

Technical Help

In the case of products that are technically difficult to scan, we are happy to help.

Professional Advice

We offer advice related to your application.

Constant Support

Our team accompanies you throughout the project and beyond.